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Our semi-automatic packaging islands are the ideal start for the automation of your packaging process.  They offer a perceptible raise of output in manual packaging, as time-intensive tasks - like folding the bottom flaps of the carton or the closure of the bottom and lid of the case - are made automatically.

All components of our packaging islands can be combined and extended at request - without restrictions. They are designed to your specific demands.

packaging island series HI:
Our packaging island consists of 3 modules:
- the bottom folding system series HB
- the carton magazine series HA
- the carton closing unit series HV


Bottom folding system series HB:

The bottom folding system can be the ideal beginning of your packaging automation. At the automatic solution, operation is made by one person. The cases (pre-glued blanks) are erected manually by the person and given to the system The BDS folds all bottom flaps within seconds and fixes the case for further filling by the operator.
Special solutions allow oblique positioning or lowering of case position for easier filling.

Change-over times? - Not here! The bottom folding system can handle different formats without format changing.

Carton magazine series HA:

The vertical magazine is the next step for simplifying the working process. The pre-glued blanks can be inserted into the magazine lying flat and are offered for take-over by the operator by suction and erection of the blank. So the operator can insert the carton simply and directly into the bottom folding system. This saves a lot of time and increases the efficiency.

Carton closing unit series HV:

Closing of bottom and lid flaps with adhesive tape is done by a carton closing unit. The folding of the lid flaps can either be done manually or fully automatically, as well as format changing is possible manually or fully automatically. The carton is then glued during the process simultaneously at bottom and lid by adhesive tape.
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