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Your products are packed on a fully automatic packaging line but palletizing is still done manually? Heripack also offers sophisticated and reliable technique in order to work competitive and efficiently in the sector of palletizing. 

With our flexible palletizing systems we complete your packaging line. At Heripack you can get everything from a single source, we are expert in secondary and tertiary packaging. As distinguished from other suppliers Heripack is not fixed on one palletizing technology but consults the customers independently and neutrally. The selection of the proper system depends on the corresponding demands and the particularities of the product.

We offer the following palletizing systems:

layer handling palletizers series PL:

Layer handling palletizers are working with a table, on which firstly a complete pallet layer is collected and grouped as requested. Then the layer is placed on the pallet in one step.
Only with layer handling palletizers you have the possibility  of working without interruption, the feeding of the products has not to be stopped when changing a pallet - and this with a cost-efficient and space saving palletizing system.

portal palletizers series PP:

Portal palletizers work with 2 or 3 axis gripping / suction systems. They are used in case of products, which can not be pushed, but need to be gripped or sucked. High performances and complicated layer designs require also the use of portal palletizers. They convince by their compact design and therefore are often used if space is limited.
robot palletizers series PR:
robot palletizers work with 4 or 6 axis industrial robots and consequently offer highest flexibility and reliability. They are preferably used in case of products which can be sucked or gripped. Robot palletzisers are the first choice if versatility is needed.

We can fulfill highest demands in terms of palletizing. With our accessories we offer everything you need for your end-of-line packaging process:

- grouping systems
- turning devices for product grouping
- buffers for higher performances
- pallet buffers and pallet magazines
- automatic pallet changing
- positioning of an intermediate layer
- wrapping and stretching systems
- complete pallet transport systems



Palletizing of 5 l beer cans                  Palletizing of plates of insulating material

Palletizing of switch cases

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