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Vielen Dank für Ihren Besuch während der FachPack 2015!

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Various products require different ways of packaging. We adapt our casepackers individually to your product. But the main functions of the machines always remain the same: product grouping - case erecting - filling - closing.

Our casepackers are ideal for secondary packaging. We herewith offer two different procedures:

casepackers with sideloading:

Casepackers produce a finished pack, which is ideal for transportation, out of a pre-glued blank. In doing so the products or primary packs are grouped and inserted laterally into the open bottom or lid flaps. Then the open flaps are turned and the case is closed by tape or hotmelt.

casepacker SL-5000:
Heripack present the new casepacker generation: the SL-5000 is fully automatically adjustable so that format changes are possible within shortest time. Only 3 format parts needs to be exchanged for a quick start of your production. The casepacker convinces through its flexibility: it can process a broad range of formats, where also very big cases with smooth material can be handled reliably.



casepackers with toploading / bottomloading:

At the top loading principle the gre-glued case blanks are erected and provided to the filling position standing upright, the bottom flaps already being closed by tape or hotmelt. The products / primary packs are inserted into the case from the top, either with support of gravity or defined via pick and place principle. Then the lid flaps are closed.

In special cases it might be necessary to fill the case from below (bottomloading), which is also possible.


 Casepacker for
5 l-beer cans (toploading)






 Casepacker für cartridges (sideloading)


 Casepacker for glue sticks (toploading)

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