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Heripack case closing machines are the ideal correlate to the case erecting machines. Also for these machines we do not have  fixed standard sizes, we adapt each machine to your requirements. 

For start in the automated packaging process we offer our

case sealing machine series HV:
Here the filled case is entered with already closed lid flaps. While the case is transported through the machine sealing heads above (optionally also below) the case seal the lid (optionally the bottom). Closing can here be done either with tape or hotmelt.


Our delivery programme also includes 3 fully automatic machine series for closing your cases: 

fully automatic case closer series VT - closure by tape:

The bottom and/or lid flaps of the erected case are firstly turned and then closed with adhesive tape.

fully automatic case closer series VH - closure by hotmelt:

The bottom and/or lid gluing flaps of the erected case are turned, hotmelt glue is applied and the bottom and/or lid side flaps are turned and surely pressed.

fully automatic case closer series VH - closure by strapping:

In case of particular heavy, lumpy content of the case, tape or hotmelt often are not appropriate for closure. Here we offer machines for strapping the cases.


Also two-piece cases can be closed by putting a separate lid onto the bottom part. We also offer such systems! Test us!


               Tape closing                            Extra size closing machine

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